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Who is the FAR coordinator for my unit?
Use this list of all FAR coordinators to find yours.

What is the recommended browser to access FAR?
FAR Application is cross-compatible with most modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. The "Rapid Report" feature does not currently work with in Apple Safari. Internet Explorer for the Mac platform is not supported, however, as it has been discontinued by Microsoft.

What if I can't log on to the system? Log in requires a valid UGA MyID. If you don't have a MyID, go to: myid.uga.edu. There also a number of reasons why a UGA MyID may not give you access to the FAR system. First, UGA passwords expire every six months. If you think yours may have expired, go to https://idm.uga.edu/IDMProv/jsps/login/Login.jsf to change it. Next, the FAR system is only open to UGA faculty. If you have a staff position and need access to FAR to manage records or reports for your unit, please contact the FAR Coordinator for your School/College. Finally, if you have a faculty appointment and your UGA myID/password is active and your still cannot access the system, please contact the UGA FAR administrator at far@uga.edu.

Who can I talk to if the data loaded into my report is incorrect?
Please refer to this chart to see who you need to contact.

What should I do if my degree shown is incorrect?
You will need to complete this form and send it to the Office for Faculty Affairs.

Why aren't all my grants showing up?
Click here to see the types of projects that are not pre-loaded in the FAR.

Why is my grant award total less than expected?
Award amounts reflect the amount awarded for the project’s current budget period only, not the entire project period.

How much detailed information do I have to enter under "Publications/Intellectual Contributions"?
Complete the fields that are required or recommended for your unit or discipline. Contact your unit head for more details.

What do I do if I have accomplishments for which there is no field in the system?
There should be a place for every kind of accomplishment, but if it's unclear, please contact the FAR representative for your school or college.

Do I have to upload an updated CV?
Yes, the CV has to be updated for our campus SACS reporting needs.

Where do I upload my CV?
Go to "Personal and Contact Information." The first item is "Upload electronic CV for SACS."

Under "Presentations," when adding another presenter/author whose name is in the FAR system, is there a way to search for that person rather than using the drop down list?
It depends of the browser you are using. Searching for the person by typing the last name works with most modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Internet Explorer for the Mac platform is not supported as it has been discontinued by Microsoft.

Where would I enter a guest lecture in a schedule class?
For all activities, the first question you must ask is "Does that activity most closely relates to my Teaching, Scholarship of Teaching, Research & Service, or Service?" How you answer that question determines where you should enter the activity. For example, if the guest lecture was completed as part of your teaching responsibilities, it would be entered under "Continuing, Credit, Non-Credit, Outreach, And Extension Instruction/Training." If, however, the guest lecture was done as part of your service to the unit or university, then it might more correctly be included under "Institutional Service." If the guest lecture was done as part of budgeted Public Service and Outreach, is is best entered under "Outreach Initiatives.

How will information be used?
The information in the Faculty Activity Repository will be used for a variety of academic planning and reporting purposes. It can be used by individual faculty to summarize their yearly (and historical) activities and will be useful in annual evaluation meetings with the faculty member's unit head. If the faculty member enters all of his or her historical data, a CV can then be printed. Unit heads and deans will use the FAR information to summarize the accomplishments and efforts put forth by faculty in their unit. The assessment system, when implemented, will serve as a repository and reporting system for outcomes assessment information for programs, units, schools, and colleges. Similarly, senior administrators with access (such as the Provost) can use this information to summarize the accomplishments and efforts and to neatly summarize the breadth of outcomes assessment efforts and results that take place across campus at the unit, school/college, and university level. This includes outcomes information for general education initiatives.

Who has access to my information?
The system is password-protected so that only you and your unit head (and a designee if your dean or unit head so chooses) have access to your information.

Where do I go for additional answers?
Please use the reference manual as a guide. This manual is available online. If you have additional questions send them to far@uga.edu.

How far back do you want me to go in entering the data?
Enter your activity for each calendar year, beginning 2008.

Under "Professional Service," if I served as an editorial board member, where would I enter the name of the journal?
Next to "Organization/Committee/Club/School"

From the main menu, what categories are pre-filled by the system?

  • Personal and Contact Information
  • Administrative Data — Permanent and Yearly
  • Education
  • Scheduled Teaching/Instruction
  • Workload Information
  • Academic Tenure Data
  • Rank, Adjunct Positions
  • Special Appointments
  • Administrative, Other Appointments
  • Graduate Faculty Status
  • Educational Leave

Under "Faculty Development Activities Attended," should I enter the city and state of the organization or the city and state where the event was held?
Enter the city and state where the event was held.

Under "Presentation Type," what do I do if the type of presentation I did is not listed in the drop down menu?
If not listed, choose the option that most closely resembles your presentation type.

Under "Professional Service" "Position/Role," how do I choose the correct category from the drop down menu if I have held several positions in the same organization?
For the creation of reports, the system needs to indicate one role per entry, so if you have more than one role for a service organization, each needs to be entered separately.

How do I change my name under "Publications" if it does not appear the way I want it?
Since it is coming from official data on campus, the name shown in the FAR must appear as shown on your official Human Resources information.

Why doesn't a certain faculty member show up in the listing of all faculty?
All data in the FAR system is tied to an individual, and UGA individuals in the FAR are grouped by the faculty member's rank unit.

What if the UGA group I am involved in is not available for selection on the "Affiliations with Centers, Institutes, Programs, or other UGA Groups" screen?
Contact your FAR coordinator to request addition of your group.