UGA FAR Proposal/Award Frequently Asked Questions

The entries in the Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Projects screen of the Scholarship of Teaching, Research, and Service section of the FAR Main Menu are uploaded directly from the database maintained by the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contracts & Grants (C&G). Until FAR was established, faculty members have not had access to these data, so some of the entries can be confusing. This document is designed to answer the most common questions; please read before sending an inquiry.

These data are centrally maintained to preserve their authenticity; therefore, you are not allowed to edit the data in this section of your FAR profile. Any changes you feel should be made should be discussed with OSP. If you do not find the solution to your particular problem in the FAQ below, there will be a link for your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why is this award not listed in my profile?

A The most common reason is that the proposal/award you are concerned with is not managed by OSP or not tracked in FAR. For these cases, you should enter information about these in the Additional Scholarship screen of the Scholarship of Teaching, Research, and Service section. Some examples of proposals/awards not tracked are:

         Awards associated with internal funding programs (e.g., UGARF, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, Learning Technology Grants, department or college awards, etc.)

         Awards made directly to the Arch Foundation and not to UGA or UGARF (e.g., certain personal fellowships or prizes) or unrestricted gifts provided as general research support (since these are not provided in support of a specific research project, they are not tracked in FAR as sponsored research).

         Funding provided as a state appropriation to the University through the Board of Regents (e.g., Georgia Research Alliance funding)

         Funding provided directly to OVPR through the State of Georgia's Traditional Industries Program (Consortium on Competitiveness for the Apparel, Carpet, and Textile Industry; FoodPac; Pulp and Paper)

         Awards to other institutions for which UGA/UGARF is not specifically identified as a subawardee, even though you may be listed as a Co-PI. You might be acting as a consultant for example.

         Awards to UGA/UGARF that are then further distributed to UGA faculty as "seed grants". In these cases, the seed grant recipients simply work from subaccounts of the parent award (e.g., SARE)

Q Why is this proposal not listed in my profile?

A Records are created manually in the OSP database from the information provided on the OSP Transmittal Form; this happens as soon as an approved transmittal form is received in OSP. Most often, any delay results from the PI not providing a completed and signed transmittal form to OSP. If you have no record of the transmittal form, contact your grants officer in OSP (

Q Why is my academic credit not recorded properly on this award?

A These data in the OSP database are taken directly from the most recent approved transmittal form associated with the award. If the academic credit for PI and Co-PIs changes during the course of a research project, this change must be reported on a new transmittal form approved through the normal channels.

Q A proposal that I submitted was not funded, but it is still listed as "Proposed" in my profile; why?

A It is common (at least for some agencies, particularly DHHS, NIH, CDC) that notification about proposals not being funded is sent only to the PI and not to OSP. Should you have notification from the funding agency that your proposal was not funded, send it to your grants officer. Whenever OSP receives this type of information, it is immediately recorded in the database.

Q Why does this award show up more than once in my profile?

A For multi-year projects, it is not uncommon for the project number to change (at competitive renewal or because of some other significant change in the project). FAR keeps track of awards by the project number, so even if the title, agency, PI, etc., are the same, different budget years may be associated with separate records in your profile. Very rarely, real duplicates do occur. When you use the View icon, if the detailed sequence information is in fact identical in two records, then you should inform your grants officer to sort out the problem.

Q None of these answers seem to apply to my problem; now what?

A If you are sure that you still see an error in your profile, you have two choices. If the error appears to be in OSP data, then the best place to start is your grants officer in OSP ( If the error appears to be in the FAR application, please use the Contact FAR Help link on the left margin of the FAR web pages.

In either case, we cannot help unless you provide detailed information about the item you are questioning. Provide at least the proposal/award title, PI, agency, and the appropriate dates (i.e., proposal date or project begin/end dates). If you are questioning an item that appears in your FAR profile, use the View icon to open the detailed record and also include the Project-Sequence number you find in that record.